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Full Version: Remastering the Logo - Part 2
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Ok, so since many people voted for a particular logo in the last thread, I now have another set based on it that I want to pass by everyone before making my final decision.

My personal vote is for Version 2.

Version 1:
[Image: SMFullLogo3.png]

Version 2:
[Image: SMFullLogo5.png]

Version 3:
[Image: SMFullLogo6.png]

Version 4:
[Image: SMFullLogo7.png]

Version Sherk:
v2 for sure.


v3, as blue or purple are not a fitting color choice for this sort of logo.
The Blue-Violet color is inspired by the idea of eldritch Shadow Fire, or Shadow Energy... something like this:

Another source of inspiration is Aura/Spirit energy, in which Blue-Violet/Indigo represents the mind.

I'm still keeping in mind the Megaman roots of the logo, though... For example, Sigma was known for having intensely glowing blue eyes. Vile on the other hand, having red. The helmet in the logo reminds me of a dark version of X's... Is that what it is?
Gotta go with Version 2, not too flashy, blue goes with the page layout. It's sexy.
Version 2 has the most votes so far, so I'm going to use it for now and see how people like it. (albeit slightly altered to fix the color slightly and match the font size with the top and bottom.)