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Full Version: Stock map server suggestions
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Since Striker is considering a stock map only server for possibly more traffic (And possibly more regulars to help keep the place afloat) thanks to how quickplay works, there is one thing that the average quickplay tf2 player won't allow:

Lots of downloads.

This is the thing I've seen often in the irc chat log when the SM MVM server was running. Alot of disconnects within the first few seconds of connecting or the first minute after realizing the bar isn't even half-full yet.

I understand uniqueness is good and it's not a bad thing at all, just when there's alot one person has to get to play on stock maps it can curve them away from the server; a potential regular chance gone at that.

Sounds could stay, but things like models or dispenser music should stay on the main SM server(Custom weapons can stay too).

...That's actually the only thing I could have thought up of which can help, but I'm sure everyone else has suggestions to post.
One day I will join.....