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Full Version: SMMP Minimum System Requirements
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Since a lot of people have trouble running SMMP smoothly, here's the minimum spec setup to get good performance:

CPU: 2.5ghz+ Intel/AMD Dual-Core CPU
GPU: 512mb NVidia GeForce 8600 GT (ATI/AMD Cards not recommended.)
RAM: 2gb RAM

Obviously, more than this is better. Generally, if you can run Doom 3 smoothly, this should run at a playable FPS.
And that's for OpenGL or just in general?
Obviously OpenGL, there is no software support in SMMP.
Mmm alrighty. Just making sure.
oh wow i just barely meet the requirements :o i am good for now but i need to find some miracle way of getting parts for a new PC before the end of this year or i am going to be screwed
once I finish building my rig, I'll go ahead and help you out with some of your pieces, alright Drake?