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Dumbass.mp4 - Striker - 06-25-2014

RE: Dumbass.mp4 - Xiphias - 07-01-2014

Wha... what? XD

Was that supposed to happen?

Also, is that new look the mod you've been working on? It looks amazing.

RE: Dumbass.mp4 - Striker - 07-13-2014

Yeah, the new appearance is due to my mod. That, and the scripted imp head.

RE: Dumbass.mp4 - Xiphias - 07-15-2014

Loving it, keep up the great work!

RE: Dumbass.mp4 - Thonglover - 07-16-2014

You should of shot it.

RE: Dumbass.mp4 - Striker - 07-17-2014

(07-16-2014, 09:25 PM)Thonglover Wrote: You should of shot it.
That would have done absolutely nothing.