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Donations needed by Aug 27th. - Striker - 08-18-2014

The server bill comes Aug 27th, and so far only $28 of the full $170 required by NFOServers.com has been donated. I'm extremely broke and I can cover perhaps $50 of it, if even at this time due to bills, food, rent, etc.

I'll try to back up as much as possible if donations don't roll in by the 23rd, but if the server goes down, that's the end of it all until such a time I can afford the server again. (Which would be a very long time, years perhaps if I can't find work.)

If you wish to donate, visit http://shadowmavericks.com and log in via Steam. Then, click the donation progress bar, or the "Donate" button.

I want to say thank you to the supporters we've had for a very long time, and your help is very much appreciated. For those out there who have already donated over $100 over the server's lifespan, I'm considering bringing along a Diamond Tier donation level. What would that tier imply? Well, I'm not sure yet, but I'm open to suggestions!

Also, thank you to those who have helped populate the server again in recent times! Thanks for hanging around, and also being supportive and patient as I try me best to solve the stability issues we've had. I'm putting extra effort into solving any problems, and getting new content to you folks!

For those of you who haven't been around for a while, we've got a new map based on Green Hill Zone and Marble Zone from Sonic thanks to Fiend Kitsune! It's only in beta so far, but it's fantastic. As for other stuff... There's new player models, bunny hop for casual mode, and some other stuff is on the way!

Anyhow... Sorry I have to ask people to Donate, but as always, it's voluntary and nobody is forced to. However, the unfortunate side of things right now is that it cannot be kept up without them. If I had the funds of my own, I'd gladly pay for it in it's entirety, but my situation forbids it right now.

RE: Donations needed by Aug 27th. - Drake Wyrm Silverwing - 08-19-2014

I finaly got paypal working and might be able to donate a 30 for this month at most ^^ if it would help the cause, would hate to see something you put so much into just fall apart.

well... fuck.. I can't log into Steam from any web browser due to Steam guard needing verification from my Hotmail, which I got locked out of for 1 month because of some new security measure trhey put in.. so as a result now I cannot sign in to donate via paypal or Steam.. will update when thigns change.

RE: Donations needed by Aug 27th. - Drake Wyrm Silverwing - 08-19-2014

update, Hotmail is toast for a month but I was able to log into Steam from a web browser, hope this works

RE: Donations needed by Aug 27th. - Thonglover - 08-21-2014

I wish i could help, and you still can't find work?

RE: Donations needed by Aug 27th. - Striker - 08-21-2014

No, still no luck with finding work. I live in the shittiest town for finding employment, and unfortunately I need a job to get money to move to another city to find a job. Seems like a shitty endless cycle.