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The TF2 downtime hasn't been all bad. - Striker - 08-25-2014

TF2's situation right now is pretty sad when most Windows-based servers for TF2 cannot run for more than two maps without shitting itself. For that reason, I had to take it down, at least temporarily. I apologize for this, but for the sake of my own sanity, I had to put it aside. I've been pretty sick as well lately, and dealing with the added stress of trying to solve an impossible puzzle wouldn't have helped.

However, it's not all bad.

Ever since I had to take the TF2 Server down due to crashes and whatnot, I've brought up a CounterStrike: Source server in the meantime. We've had several players in there the other day, and it was quite fun. It also helped me solve a bunch of problems I wasn't aware of beforehand. For example, it turns out that Ultimate Mapchooser was partly to blame for the crashes we had before, so I've found it necessary to drop it completely and scrap my upcoming alternative version of it.

Now, I've moved back to MapChooser Extended, and the crashes in CSS and HL2DM as well are gone. Fuck Yes! However, there's two major downsides to switching to MCE again, and that is, there'll be no more game-mode voting, it'll all be by map, and MapRate will no longer have any effect on map sorting. I'm gonna take a day or two to sit down and come up with something to alleviate this, but for now I'm just gonna stick with what I have now.

Another thing that starting up the CSS server has benefited, is StrikerMod. I've found that CSS as of sometime this year, finally fixed HUD Messages, so I've been able to delete 90% of the code that involved checking for CSS as the current running game and rerouting the messages to chat/center print. That means a lot of the features like Kill Streaks and whatnot have much cleaner code, they are more efficient/less laggy, and I no longer feel like ripping my hair out when managing the code by hand.

If anyone is interested in checking out the CSS Server until I can resurrect the TF2 server, the ip is shadowmavericks.com:27015 . Hope you guys like it, and if you have suggestions, let me know. Also, if you own Garry's Mod, you most likely have a copy of CSS in your library.

Also, a lot of thanks go to the donators who have helped keep [SM]'s network alive in the last little while. You've guaranteed our survival for the next 3 months!

RE: The TF2 downtime hasn't been all bad. - HereticKitsune - 08-25-2014

Awesome! I'll probably give the CS:S server a visit when I'm back home. Been housesitting for the past couple days and bored, but I forgot my laptop's mouse (and I doubt it'd run things well, lol)