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Finally found you guys - Daedolon - 11-29-2014

and god damn it took forever...

hopefully i'll be able to actually play your multipurpose mod on skulltag/zandronum/whatever-it's-called-now with other people instead of wandering around in singleplayer and staring at an empty server browser, but for now, i better start getting to know a few people first.

also, i noticed there's a few fans of Tails around these parts... i think they made the right choice.

RE: Finally found you guys - HereticKitsune - 12-02-2014

Tails is awesome, yes.

Anyway, uh, as for the Multipurpose Mod, it'd be nice to have a server up running that, but well... maybe in the future, I dunno. It'll take a bit of time before we can make that happen, I feel.

RE: Finally found you guys - Daedolon - 12-03-2014

come now, that fox successfully defended a few small islands from an entire army after their preemptive attack and he pulled off a crippling counterstrike of his own; i'd be scared of him even if he was an ally.

yeah, pretty sure no one's gonna do anything just because some random fng said so, but at least i'm still having fun with the mod. (dammit leeroy!)

RE: Finally found you guys - HereticKitsune - 12-04-2014

Oh trust me, it's not due to a lack of wanting a SMMP server! It's just that the future is uncertain. Keeping even the site and forum up takes money, and lord knows that's hard to come by these days.

RE: Finally found you guys - Daedolon - 12-04-2014

yeah, i hear that. people moving on to newer, shinier things after 15 minutes of fame isn't helping anyone either...

btw, tails' silver bullet gun is a p.o.s. yet his normal shotty can drop a cyber without worrying about ammo shortages. is that possibly a big 'fuck you' to everyone that worships their lord and savior ssg? i sure thought it was. Tongue

RE: Finally found you guys - HereticKitsune - 12-05-2014

Don't count out the Silver Shell Gun. It sacrifices power for range and accuracy, but still packs a nice punch, so it's more versatile and works well with his ability to fly out of reach. Tails in general tends to be more about his versatility and support rather than raw power, but he can still offer quite a bit of pain with his more unorthodox weaponry.

RE: Finally found you guys - Daedolon - 12-05-2014

unorthodox indeed. killed myself twice with the sonic wave cannon within 10 minutes; first time thinking it was just a glorified dubstep gun until i found myself in 37 pieces and the second time launched myself into a death trap with the extreme recoil. sure as hell taught me to rtfm...

RE: Finally found you guys - Glorious Zao - 12-12-2014

We all know the only true weapon in SMMP is the flame thrower. Nothing like a little heat to get the peasants to vacate an area.