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Minigames - gameguyadvance - 03-03-2013

This thread's purpose is to suggest what ever kind of minigames you all can think of for non-serious maps.
Please post your own minigame ideas as well as comment on the ones displayed here, feedback is very helpful.

I'll start, my minigame is a WIP, but I have managed to amass a collection of every 2011 Haunted Quality costume piece. One day when the server was empty I had told my friend to type !monster to get information on the monster he was fighting. I gave him the manerisims of the monster, but then I desided you had to kill the monster first to learn about it. Though typing !monster doesn't actually tell you anything on the server, I'll take the time to type it in. Share bits of info about monsters you get with your friends if you'd like, they might tell you something they know about another monster. It would be nice when people wanted to play this game if they were all put onto one team, similar to VSH or FF2. What are the monsters like you ask? You're not sold on this yet because you don't know what it's like? It's a game for non-serious maps like Clocktown (it was created in Clocktown) and it's really something to be experianced rather than explained. I'll give one bit of info about each monster though for you.

The Curse-a-Nature: This mummy is really slow at first, it uses the wrap assasin and crit-a-cola to inflict bleed damage upon those who think they can outrun it.

The Tin Soldier: Beep boop son. Beep boop.

The Infernal Imp: Not much is known about this creature, some say it's the devil itself, others wish it would crawl back to the place from once it came. One thing is for certain, if you don't believe in magic, you'll get burned.

The Highland Hound: Usually seen with an Ulapool Caber, this monster likes to charge forward and explode onto its prey. Though it is possible for this creature to use different weapons it has not been sighted as using otherwise.

The FrankenHeavy: It will brutally murder anything it sees, can sometimes instant kill lighter classes (without crits).

The Brundle Bundle: Ever think bees were too fat to fly? Then explain how this monster flys with wings that appear to be taped onto its back.

The Mad Doktor: The supposed creator of The FrankenHeavy, he has quite the sadistic head. He will use the Blutsauger to leach life out of you, other than that not much is known.

The Camper Van Helsing: "Monster huntin's a good job mate! Challanging work, outta doors.. garantee you'll go hungry a few times. But at the end of the day, long as there's monster's out there, I'll find them and kill them." This monster hunter is always on the lookout for new monsters to hunt, be careful how you dress mate.

The Invisible Rouge: This dashing, handsome man's face is covered up completely. Everyone wishes they could be just like him, he's just so amazing. People often say that if he were to take off his facial garb, it would create world peace, and I'm not just saying that because he could be behind me right now. There I read it word for word, please don't stab m- *freezes* "Gentlemen... I'm waiting..."

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RE: Minigames - Ocelot - 03-03-2013

That is amazing

RE: Minigames - Intelligence! - 03-06-2013

I have an idea for a minigame. Teams would be set up like VSH, with all but one on one team and the last on the other. However, the larger team would be restricted to Demos and Soldiers while the one is restricted to Scout. The objective for the large team is obviously to kill the Scout, but the Scout's objective is to survive. Sounds imbalanced, doesn't it? That's because you haven't heard it all yet. The Scout is a phantom, meaning that he can disappear, teleport reasonable distances, along with a myriad of other little tricks and abilities. The Phantom Scout will have to use his wit and guile, as well as his "run like Hell" skills to survive for 5-10 minutes, while the Soldiers and Demos will have to work as a team to overcome their speed handicap and kill that elusive bastard. They'll have to set up sticky traps, lay in wait for him to round a corner and fire away with rockets, and use their heads to out-trick the trickster.