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New player models for Gold-Tier donators!
Some people are aware of these already, but so far, the Scout, Sniper, and Pyro now all have their own models in our TF2 servers!

Sergal Sniper:
[Image: 1E9108A18B8B596049FB155F07DF4B2E5EC96C27]

Fox Scout:
[Image: 043D74E5440FAC5573630308D8845FB780E63F31]

Femme Pyro:
[Image: 5227523d8e99f.jpg]
[Image: ShadowMaverick.png][Image: TailsFan.png]
[Image: carlin5vm.png][Image: UT2004-2.png]
StrikerTheHedgefox's Streambadge Striker
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