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Donations Needed
On November 27th, the $167* bill for the [SM] servers is due. Unfortunately, I do not have any income currently, and I lack a means, and hard drive space to make a backup of the VPS. So, if I do not get the bill paid by that time, everything is gone, forever. (Site, Forum, Game Servers, all their code/content, the IRC, etc.)

So please, if anyone can spare $10 or more, it would be greatly appreciated, and it will allow the servers to remain up.

* (We switched to a 3-month cycle, vs. 2 month, it's cheaper that way, actually.)

Also, I would like to apologize for the instability of the TF2 Servers as of late. The Halloween update has really butchered things when it comes to keeping the server up. I managed to fix one of the crashes caused by the socket extension for SourceMod, but, the rest of the crashes are purely in Valve's hands.

It doesn't help that our server runs a lot of mods either, especially considering Valve likes to use arbitrary tables of a hard-coded, limited size (big mistake, imho.) for storing information such as downloads, models, entities, etc.

The additional content from updates, and the added content from mods often ends up causing them to exceed the limits/overflow and crash the server.
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