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Allow me to reintroduce myself.
Hello everyone! Many of you know me already - some like me, some don't, some just couldn't give a damn. But I do exist! This thread is for any newbies to the server and others that have yet to see me for whatever reason.

First off, I'm a guy. Oddly enough a lot of people think I'm a woman at first... might be because I rarely use voice? I dunno. Also I'm a furry, and if that bothers you I am sorry. Only letting you know ahead of time so you don't get shocked by something I say or do.

though you probably knew that stuff already due to my name, avatar on here and Steam, my signature, and the link to my fucking FA page in my profile lawl

I tend to go under either Leo Kitsune or Heretic Kitsune. My fursona's name (yes, really) is Leo, but I tend not to go under Leo Kitsune as much because there are a couple others with that name out there. For example, leokitsune on Furaffinity is not me. I go under heretickitsune there.

When it comes to the Shadow Mavericks groups, I'm a part of the primary group and the Regulars group. I'm also a moderator on the forums. If there's an issue here you'd like me to look at, feel free to message me. However, I am not a moderator or admin on any of the servers, so don't ask me to do moderator or admin business there because there's nothing I can directly do. I can pass things along to those who can, though!

I am told that I am a nice guy, and I try to be so. I can get a little passive-aggressive and/or defensive at times, especially if I'm not in a great mood. Sometimes I get a bit mopey, and if I don't feel like I'm doing as well as I should be in a game I'll get a bit self-loathing. If I catch myself doing that, I'll most likely leave suddenly.

I tend to hang out somewhat often on the TF2 server. If you don't see me pop up there for a long while, either we hop on at vastly different times or I have privately exiled myself from the server for personal reasons only a couple people here could guess at. At the moment, TF2 isn't cooperating with me... but it's mostly because it's stored on a rapidly-failing hard drive (and I do mean rapidly) that I'm trying to get the most use out of before I dump money on a new one. After all, when you don't have a job, dumping like $80 on a hard drive that actually has space is pretty irritating. Don't worry though, everything important is backed up and it's my secondary hard drive... but it's the one with all the space for storing games and their mods while my primary is an SSD I got as a gift. It's meant for housing personal stuff, programs, and load-heavy games that seriously benefit from an SSD like Planetside 2... not for every game ever.

really most of what I own in terms of comp stuff and games comes straight from gifts, almost-always holiday related, so before someone says "how can you have all those games and shit without a job," that's how

There's so much more I could say, but the only way to really know me is to talk to me. In-game is a good start, then if you can tolerate me you might want to add me on Steam! I'm really damned shy though (it's why I very, very rarely use voice), so if you do add me you'll have to pester me a bit to get me to talk. It's not that I don't want to talk, it's that I'm practically afraid to, but seeing someone actively want to talk to me makes me happy and more likely to respond.

Oh, and if I've upset you in the past or caused problems between us, I'm sorry. Legitimately don't want to be an asshole to anyone, unless you're an ass to friends of mine because I will be pretty unhappy about that. Tongue
[Image: 21adavp.png]
Nice to meet you. Smile and i like your avatar
In space... @ planet wumbos
Thanks! A close friend of mine drew it for me while practicing different art styles. Unless you mean my Steam avatar... A mutual friend drew that. I can't remember if it was a request, gift, or a friend commissioned a batch of pics and I got one from it.
[Image: 21adavp.png]

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