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Remastering the Logo
I'd say version 3
Version 4
In space... @ planet wumbos
My vote's for Version 4
Makin' Bacon!
Centered text looks better, especially since it looks more like the character of the logo is holding the word "Mavericks" which is a neat little effect often used in logos (because it works). The indigo/blue-violet eye looks and IMO fits better with today's SM. Overall, V3 looks the best.

However (and these are just my personal thoughts and probably irrelevant) I think the visual effects on the eye are really overdone and could definitely be toned down and simplified - but not in the way that the old logo was, with just a single photoshop lens flare eye thing. The text, though leagues better than it was in the old logo (I can actually read it!), should probably use the same font. Title and subtitle can use different fonts, but a title/name should have the same font throughout. There are some exceptions to this, but I can't think of any and those are still very risky moves.

Of course, take everything I say with a grain of salt since my mind's a tad off right now.
[Image: 21adavp.png]
i am voting in the poll yes but i wanted to give my opinion.

i like teh new shading doneo n it, it is alot more dramatic, as far as looks i like the text out of alignment better as it appears more striking and catches the eye.

so basicaly similar to original i guess, but the blue glowing eye i think realy grabs your attention without overshadowing the text on the logo like the bright red flare is doing.
I personally prefer the logo with a blue colored eye. #4 got my vote
But in general, they look really good. Nice work!
not enough green

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