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The shit stick I get from TF2.
Alright, so wanted to make a small thread based on what happened last night concerning the SS (Sydney Sleeper) and why I tend to use it often.

I know Mario Kart maps aren't a great example, but it gets just as bad in stock(Or other) maps with a full(Or non full) 24 players so take what I have with a grain of salt.

(Value next to lerp to the right is the true frame rate.)

(Fun fact, 800x600 on Dx 8.1)


[Image: 2eykuv5.jpg]


[Image: 25ri3uw.jpg]

And the map from yesterday:


[Image: v3f8d2.jpg]

Now Foxy, you're probably thinking "Huh, you have 60 on maps like these so why not use stock and practice?"

Well... throw in a few bots totaling up to about the same last night and..

[Image: 657csj.jpg]

60 almost cut in half. It's still not bad no, but I can't practice only on a few maps that give me 30 above stable then expecting the same results on a different map that tanks this poor Celeron single core.

Would I use the SS in a real game? No, cause I realize the importance of headshotting heavies, soliders and demomen to ensure they don't become a problem, but that's only if I get lucky.

Snipers? When there's a team against you? Not so much.

Just wanted to clear that to everyone that was there on hac_tomb.

Hey guess what

I learned TF2 sniping when I had a framerate of like 7-12 FPS (didn't notice there was a "true frame rate" on the right end of net_graph), so lord knows what that was) on average. On fucking cp_purple! That computer ran TF2 so well back during the Sniper vs Spy era. Hell, even the first hats didn't do much... but eventually it couldn't run TF2 anymore so I had to swap computers. Now this one dips below 60 fairly often. *sigh* Dammit Valve.

Anyway, my best days of sniping were when I had shit framerates. I did halfway decent against an actual member of -AA- on a sniper server. Is it advisable to play with a shit framerate? Hell no, and if I had money I'd help you out because eeeeeew. But you can do it, man! You gotta believe! Only gonna get better and adapt if you just say "fuck it" and do what you gotta do.

Just don't get depressed and mopey like I do when I don't do well.

EDIT: Also I see nothing wrong with the Sydney Sleeper and will use it on occasion just because it bothers people. Stock is better anyway. I really only have an issue with the Machina, and that's because 173-damage bodyshots (not counting retarded damage variance, which makes it anywhere from like 143 to 199) are retarded. If it did more damage overall I wouldn't care, but it only does more damage on fully-charged shots which already kill every class in the game with a headshot. I only really see it being useful to kill an overhealed Heavy with a pocket Medic using Vaccinator set to bullet resistance.
[Image: 21adavp.png]

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