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Get on my level.
So last Friday we got a couple guys together and we had Zandronum TDM server going for hours. I think the few of us involved had a blast. Many laughs were had. (mostly at myself making an ass of myself) So Friday/Tomorrow I'd love to get a CTF server going. Say around 9PM EST. I don't care if you suck, let's just ave fun. Bring your friends.

I plan on drinking making a fool of myself again. I'll be on the team Speak Server so pop in. Don't let me be forever alone and make me talk to myself.

I am so down for this. Hold on to ur butts kiddos.
[Image: zbanner_zpseff47de6.png]
Sup scrubs. I'm in the Team speak server now. Get on my level.
1v1 me m8. D5M1 m8. Ill hook ya in teh gobber.
[Image: zbanner_zpseff47de6.png]
u wut m8!?!

Server getting setting up I don't think it's gonna be ctf/

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