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I hope you guys aren't all dead
Hello all, you probably don't recognize me, but I actually spent a good deal of time on the Shadow Mavericks TF2 server. I can't say for sure what it was that made me enjoy it so much. The mods? The community? Probably a mix of both, really. I used to go by the name FlamingToast on Steam (currently OLDMAN, because I didn't really like the old name), though I never really spoke to anyone, mostly because I was pretty self-conscious, but also because I only had a crappy built-in mic (both of those problems have been solved now, but unfortunately there aren't any servers I actually care about enough or spend enough time in to want to talk to anyone anymore).
So I recently started thinking about this group and I wanted to see if it was still alive. As far as I know, the TF2 server is dead now (last I checked anyways; I uninstalled TF2 a little while ago to make more room on my computer, though I'd gladly reinstall if I knew the server was alive and people actually played on it often again), and while playing CSS for the first time yesterday I went ahead and checked the server there too just in case, but it also seemed to be dead. Anyways, after all the time I spent on that server (it was pretty much my main TF2 server, hell I spent so much time there I even went ahead and donated just to say "thanks", despite the good chance the server is actually gone now), it would be really sad to see this community just sort of die, especially now that I'm more willing to get involved with it.
What I really want to know is, does this community have any servers that are still alive? If so, what games are they on? I'd gladly donate more if I knew this community was still alive and I could play on a Shadow Mavericks server again.

And in case you guys are all dead, well, it was fun while it lasted. RIP.
To keep it extremely simple, something bad happened. Also the TF2 servers died because updates made it extremely difficult if not impossible to run the plugins we need.

If you wanna play on the CSS servers, invite your friends! Then maybe some randoms will show up. Encourage people to revisit the server by keeping a friendly atmosphere going. No telling how long we can keep the servers going now, if at all, but if nothing else, they can be enjoyed in the meantime. We'll see what happens.
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