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SM Event Ideas
Just to make this quick and simple, this discussion is to suggest ideas for events that you or someone else want to occur on the Shadow Maverick servers. Post any event you may have been craving, seen before, or even one you thought of yourself. Feel free to add to or suggest and edit towards someone else's ideas, there are no bad ideas (well there are but you know what I mean). I have no control over what does and doesn't get scheduled, I believe Striker or Dr. Foxy are in charge of that sort of thing.

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Methinks each idea should have it's own thread, so yes/no votes and opinions don't get nested and hard to find.
I'd prefer to keep the discussion in one thread so as not to make a mess, and then we can do a poll.
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I got this idea from back when the Shendileers had a server, this was an event I took part in a few times. Well... There were two, an obstacle course and a maze. The Admins locked everyone into a spawn room and locked everyone to one team while they set up props to form a course or maze, and once it was done, they unlocked the spawn rooms and let people run loose, seeing who could get to the end fastest (locking everyone to the same class for sake of balance) or in the case of mazes, who could find the admin hiding in the maze first. This could be a nice, silly and non-serious thing to bide time with when admins are willing to help set it up.
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I was wondering if this was for only TF2 ,but if not, I was wondering if we could have a Minecraft night. I could host the server too if you want.
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