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I apologize for the downtime
Sorry that the TF2 Servers have been down for the last few days. There's a reason for this. Valve's transition to the SteamPipe system has lead to some major incompatibility with SourceMod between the different servers.

(I share one SourceMod copy between all games, to save a lot of time and effort, so the mix of games that use SteamPipe and the ones that do not have lead to some games breaking. Namely, TF2 and CSS.)

So, in the meantime, the only server that is running is the HL2DM one. Feel free to hang out in that server until everything gets resolved.
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Alright, no prob. I was beginning to worry why I couldn't find SM on TF2 right now. Thanks for clearing things up Striker.
So uh, yeah, HL2DM. xD We gots new maaaaaaaps... And a lot of things to chuck at each other...
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