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Who wants/needs HL2DM?
Is there anyone in [SMR] who would like a copy of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch? I'm trying to make sure as many players in the community have it, so we can get some huge games going.

For those who don't know what it is, look here:

It's an arena shooter based on Half-Life 2, with inspirations from Quake and Unreal. One of the things that makes the game special and different from the others is the ability to use the gravity gun. I've been running a server for it with a bunch of really cool mods, to make the game funny, fast, and frantic. Funny kill sounds, flying ragdolls, and ridiculous player models (like Billy Mays) galore.

The server has many of the donator benefits as the TF2 server (In fact, perhaps more.) and also contains a lot of the special effects and gameplay tweaks. (Enhanced headshots, gore/gibbing, kill streaks, weapon re-balancing.)

I've also recently made a full client mod for HL2DM that replaces the menus, weapons, sounds, and textures as well. I'll make a separate thread for that though.

Anyone who wants HL2DM and is willing to play it with us, leave a post here.
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I wouldn't mind it. I would probably play it if we do have an event planned for it.
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I'd play it with people from the server. I don't own a copy.
I wouldn't mind having a copy, It sounds like fun.

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