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Save-A-Game: Planetside 1
[Posted at foxy's request,How SM may be one of the last hopes of this glorious addition to gaming history.

"We did a mass grant of anyone who has ever played ps1 or ps2 with free time in ps1. We weren't ready to announce it yet because the database grant is still ongoing and won't be done till tmw morning. So please if you didn't get flagged chill. We are trying to do something cool for everyone and we were going to tell people when it's done. But people saw it and others broadcast the info. Please don't complain :) we aren't raising your taxes we are making a game free. This also gives us more time to make it f2p. So enjoy starting tmw late morning."

Brothers. Enemys. Friends.

Today I come to you as an ambassador of a dying game, A game that does not deserve the fate it is about to receive, A game that does not deserve its own demise. You may know of the sequel to this game, Planetside 2. Today we speak of its predecessor, and superior product, Planetside 1

Shadow mavericks may be its last hope... The game used to be the most densely populated in its battles, with the largest known battle being 50,000 people per faction fighting over a single facility.

I did not wish to beg this community of anything concidering my reputation with it, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

As some of you may or may not know, Planetside recently went pseudo-F2p for six months. This is good. However. The game is dieing at a rapid rate. We need to secure it's fate and prevent it from flatlining.

Please, Announce to all your groups, that is all of them, that Planetside [The Original] is free to play for six months. This will hopefully drive up the population a bit.

Please post below if you have read this. Whilst this isn't one of my favorite games, I do not belive it should die. It must survive, and I want to ensure that it never dies.

The game is usually said to be more fun in 3000 vs 3000 vs 3000 battles. Let's make that possible once again.

Do this not for me, but for the withering and dieing community. Please think of them. for they need a shining light in the impending darkness of their game...


Terran Republic: Is the de-facto opressive military goverment, Executes anyone who doesn't follow them to the dot. Space nazis. Relies on weapons that spew bullets like diahhrea.

New Conglamerate: Is Space 'Murica. Sells people out to their corperate masters and calls it "freedom". Relies on pure stopping power. Most of their weapons are shotguns.

Vanu Soverignty: Religious Technophile scientists, Worships alien technology and artifacts. Butchers anyone who doesn't, Also has dragon dilders and Spandex. Relies on versatility. Tanks hover.


Core Combat: Like the name says, This adds battlefields underneath the existing world of Auraxis, hence the name, "Core Combat" It introduced 4 new weapons and 3 new vehicles, with 6 new battlefields taking place under auraxis. It introduced two new mechanics: Modules and Crystals Little did they know they had awoken something big...

The Bending: Holy shit. The core of auraxis is ALIVE. Not only is it sentient, but it can bend space and reality to its own will! The event began on Oshur. The continent was destroyed in a meteor storm, But the planet... It... Spoke. "Spatial Destabilization Concluded.
Exotic matter injected. Quantum tunnels stabilized.
Delivery platform transport fields readied.

Initiating bend sequence now."

Everything bent and twisted. When the soldiers re-awoke, Auraxis's sun and moon were gone...

It seemed all continents on auraxis were transported to various sections of space and in turn became their own worlds. Auraxis's core moved too, and became several asteroids.... What they didn't plan to uncover changed the war forever....

Aftershock: Behold, soldiers. The ultimate in war machines, The three "BattleFrame Robotics" or "Big Fucking Robots" were unpresidented. Whilst the technology was existant before on earth, it could not be brought to frutition until the discovery of the technology on Auraxis's planets. These monolithic titans cause the very enemy to shake within their boots. However, the training for these was.... extremely inconvenient.


TR: "Loyalty until Death! Strength in Unity! Order requires law. Law is enforced through deterrence. Deterrence is based on the fear of consequences, and fear is the most powerful motivating force. The separatist groups, the Vanu Sovereignty and the New Conglomerate, will be dismantled through the exercise of forceful deterrence. Dissidents will fear the consequences of their disloyalty. Unity and order will be restored."
—Terran Republic propaganda poster

A conservative, authoritarian, collectivist nation who strive to regain contact with the homeworld and reunite the warring factions. Their leadership is a public oligarchy known as the Overwatch, composed of various representative officials and their associated Ministries, who regulate allotted portions of society in accordance with their own expertise and the collective will towards favourable outcomes. They believe that authority is the bastion that protects humanity and that in a truly free society, with no Big Brother to guide and watch over citizens, misery and suffering would quickly be visited to all. Furthermore, they regard the Vanu technology as dangerous and disruptive, a chaotic force threatening the stability of their righteous order, and only begrudgingly do they utilise it in warfare. Their vision of the future is one of peace restored through their benevolent rule, and humanity reunited by the reopening of the wormhole. They stand by the view that the Vanu went extinct by meddling with power on the orders of magnitude which was to be found in their artifacts and technologies, and they fear groups such as the Sovereignty will drive humanity to a similar fate, causing as much damage to reality as possible along the way. Their ordnance is characterised by its high rate of fire and correspondingly great ammunition consumption.

NC:"Tear down the Threat that is Tyranny! Burn it all down and Start Again! We call all able-bodied soldiers to The Frontlines to take up arms against those who would deprive us of our basic freedoms. Do not forgive! Do not forget the History of Oppression that we have endured at the hands of the Terran brutes and the Vanu maniacs! Volunteer Now!"
—New Conglomerate recruitment bulletin

A separatist faction determined to remain free of the controlling and domineering Republic, as well as to liberate the rest of humanity from the Republic, whether or not they share the Conglomerate's theories. Unlike the authoritarian and technocratic TR and VS governments, the NC are fighting for democracy, freedom, and human rights. As a rebel group, their leadership lies with the Revolutionary Command, a visible co-operative of military experts and leaders who direct the liberation efforts as a whole. They feel that any form of control is oppression and that a miserable free man is better off than a contented slave. Consequently, they view the Vanu technology as a potential tool of control, and the Vanu Sovereignty as technocratic tyrants, would-be dictators like the Republic, only under the banner of science and probably much worse. Their view of the future is one of freedom and self-government, where every man elects his own path and flourishes in what ways he sees fit. They rely on ponderous vehicles and slow-firing heavy weaponry, foregoing mobility and tactical flexibility for heavy armour and superior firepower. As their name suggests, the New Conglomerate is a diverse collection of forces that have banded-together (but have little trust of one another): ordinary citizens drawn into the conflict, various rebel groups that were previously autonomous, expatriate Terran and Vanu soldiers, and the Expeditionary Force (“XForce”) of the Royal House of Auraxis (the rightful heirs to the Vanu throne, forced into exile, the sole possessors of a working wormhole). The NC's democratic philosophy is often their Achilles' heel militarily, as they lack the iron-fisted leadership structure of the TR and VS. From the New Conglomerate's point of view, however, theirs is the only moral and just cause.

VS: "The destiny of the human species tilts toward ruin. Thousands of years of shortsightedness and provincial thinking have hampered its proper evolution. We plunge toward oblivion. Those able to comprehend the promise and potential of humanity will advance. They will usher the less gifted through the gateway of understanding and cleanse the taint of blindness, ignorance and mulishness from the species. We are the shepherds of evolution, the harbingers of progress. We lead toward the light."
—Vanu Sovereignty information brochure

A loose transhumanist group of academics, intellectuals, and common people who believe that human destiny lies in the further development and exploitation of the alien technology. Their leadership is the clandestine Sovereignty Council, the composition of which is unknown without itself and the existence of which is obscured to those outside the Sovereignty. They see the Republic as pedantic and outmoded; a used-up idea and restriction on the continuing ascendancy of the species through the synthesis of man and machine. They also see the New Conglomerate as a savage, ochlocratic band of thugs who have repackaged old mistakes in new dressings and are desperately afraid of new concepts which they cannot grasp, and the future these promise to the far-sighted. Their view of the future is one of scientific perfection and purity: they believe that the Vanu used the power of their advanced technologies to transcend their physical limitations and the mundane world, ascending to a superior state of being, and ultimately, a higher plane of existence. Scientists and intellectuals through-and-through, they see this path as an enlightened ascension and hold the Ancients up as a shining example for mankind to follow. Hopefully and eagerly they envision humanity imitating this metamorphosis, firstly through the enhancement of the human condition via "hypertech" (foreseeable technological breakthroughs which have not yet quite arrived), and eventually, by the replacement of human beings altogether; from there, not even they can imagine yet. They are most reliant on alien science and technology, and often more than compensate for their shortcomings through the superiority of their engineering, utilising mind-bending physics, high-energy arrays, and other exotic weaponry to defend themselves.


Nobody knows who they are or what they want. What is known is that they are ex TR, VS and NC soldiers. They have an exclusive [Unless you attended the SOE panel in which it's permanantly given to all your charaters] weapon termed the "Fusion Blade" which is basically an energy infused katana. They have access to all armor aside from MAXes. They also have access to all vehicles, but only their commanders can authorize BFR use.

They appear to have faded into legend.

SM PLAYERS OF FACTIONS [I play on all 3 but primarily VANU]:

Terran Republic

Vanu Soverignty

New Conglamerate

Core Combat and BFR's are disabled due to a severe bug.

Concider not joining wisely, Doing so could doom its community.

Don't knock it til you try it

PlanetSide 2 is not a true planetside sequel and you should feel bad for playing yet another battlefield
Cool. Made an account on a game that wont even let me play.
well atleast it'll be there for the future
I guess thats a good thing
it is, it is...

Wonder what the F2P update for it will bring.
I might give it a shot at some point. I often find myself saying "Why isn't x like y in Planetside 2" only to hear "Well Planetside 1 was like that"
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