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New Particle Effects for Gold-Tier donators, and Scout player model!
While I'm about a week or so late in announcing this, the Gold-Tier Donators now have access to a bunch of new particle effects for their Hunstman/Crossbow arrows, Rescue Ranger shots, and Sandman balls!

Here's a list:
  • Green Fire
  • Orange Fire
  • Green Energy
  • Purple Energy
  • Dripping Piss
  • Dripping Jizz
  • Cauldron Bubbles
  • Rainbow Sparkles
  • Light Warp
  • The Matrix
  • Trail of Blood
  • Yellow Electricity
  • Green Electricity

Also, Gold-Tier donators have access to a new player model for the Scout! The Fox Scout.

Donators can easily set these up by visiting , signing in via Steam, and clicking their name in the upper-left area to go to the settings page!

Lastly, here's a picture of something I have been working on:

Feel free to reply with your thoughts. Also, if you had donated more than $5, and it isn't updated in the system, please let me know!
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