StrikerDM: A Dukematch Mod for EDuke32

StrikerDM is a mod for my branch of EDuke32-OldMP centered around DukeMatch play. Here are it's features:

Download Links:

StrikerDM: Google Drive
EDuke32-OldMP (Required!): GitLab (downloads) - Thread

Installation instructions: (Read and follow these carefully! Don't move onto the next step until the current step is completed.)

WARNING: Ignoring these instructions will result in CON errors/the dreaded "Use Internal Defaults?" dialogue, out-of-sync errors, a highly annoyed/pissed off Meltdown lobby and you being harshly berated by me or being fed to JimmyGnosis.
Note 1: Meltdown's installation folder is *usually* C:\Meltdown. You may have to use some common sense and base the instructions off of what drive/folder you have Meltdown installed in.
Note 2: In-depth credits for StrikerDM can be found inside the PK3 file, under credits.txt
Note 3: This mod is recommended to be run in Polymost (32-bit OpenGL) mode. (If you have problems, see note 5.)
Note 4: This mod has some highly NSFW content in some maps. If you're around kids or are streaming, turn Adult Mode off in EDuke32's parental lock settings while playing (It'll just censor the XXX stuff and nothing else).
Note 5: If you have trouble running EDuke32-OldMP in OpenGL, try downloading this batch file and running it. It sets BUILD_FORCEGL=1 in your environment variables.