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Full Version: How to connect to IRC
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How to connect to IRC - Striker

Want to join the IRC Channel? There are three ways you can do this:

Use the NetTalk client prepared for the [SM] IRC Server Here: https://shadowmavericks.com/files/Apps/SM_NetTalk.zip

Just download it, extract it into a folder, and run "NetTalk.exe".

If you want the nice DOS-Style font, just double-click the "Perfect DOS VGA 437.ttf" file, and click "Install". (Right-click and Install works too.)


Use the "Join IRC Chat" option on this forum, shown here:

[Image: IRCGuide.png]


Or download HexChat, which can be found here:



If using HexChat, add a new network, and use this information:

Server Address: shadowmavericks.com/6667
Channels: #ShadowMavericks, #SMServers