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Full Version: Useful Commands
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Here are some useful commands in our Source Engine-based servers!

  • !tp - Go into third-person mode! (No Donation Needed)
  • !fp - Returns to first-person mode! (No Donation Needed)
  • !rtd - Roll the dice on casual maps! (No Donation Needed, but Donators get higher positive chance.)
  • !resizeme - Resize yourself in casual maps! (Bronze Tier)
  • !resizemyhead - Resize your head in casual maps! (Bronze Tier)
  • !robot - Turn yourself into a robot! (No Donation Needed)
  • !fly - Fly around on casual maps! (Gold Tier)
  • !scoutapult - Send team-mates flying if scout with sandman. Team members accept by taunting in front. (No Donation Needed)

All Source Games
  • !site - Shows the website. (No Donation Needed)
  • !sprays - Shows the sprays gallery in-game. (No Donation Needed)
  • !serverinfo - Shows the Server Information Forum (No Donation Needed)
  • !qtfgroup - Brings up the Quake Mode server Steam Group (No Donation Needed)
  • !tetris - Play Tetris! (No Donation Needed)
  • !report - Reports an abusive user to the admins on the forum. (Basic Tier)
  • !rocketme - Send yourself into the air and explode like a rocket! (Bronze Tier)